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Barolar Birliği Başkanı Metin Feyzioğlu, Erdoğan’la buluştu

President Erdoğan's Visit to Germany Can Start A New Period In Turkish - German Relations

09 Ağustos 2018, 13:42
President Erdoğan's Visit to Germany Can Start A New Period In Turkish - German Relations
Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen
 As TAVAK Foundation, we have been recommending that Turkish authorities to invite German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Turkey so as to ameliorate Turkey- German relations. Frank-Walter Steinmeier is an objective and valuable statesman who has a positive approach towards Turkey. As opposed to Angela Merkel, German President supports Turkish people in Germany in addition to Turkey, and he has also been liaising with Erdoğan for a long time. He had also written an important preface to my book "Ay - Yıldız Altında Sürgün" which I published in April 2018. This book, including scientists who fled to Turkey during the Second World War, was printed merely with Frank-Walter Steinmeier's preface.
In Germany, even during the times when the toughest speeches and statements are made against Turkey, we see that Steinmeier always keeps a moderate attitude.
Germany Is Divided Into Two
Erdoğan’s visit has divided Germany into two poles. Whereas 69% of the German approaches negatively to this visit, rational German politicians see it as a start of new era between the two countries.

Why does Germany need Turkey?
1.    2 million Turkish immigrants live in Germany. Hostility towards the country where those people came from will not benefit Germany Turkey is one of the most important trade partners of Germany. Even though Turkey doesn’t rank first in the rankings, Germany knows the significance of Turkey for trade.
3.      Now the cards are being redistributed within the Balkans, and the six Balkan States will be EU members until 2023. Regarding this, it will be useful for Germany to regard Turkey as an alliance which is a prominent country in the Balkans.
4.      Germany has critical aims to accomplish within the Middle East. Germany who wants to make peace with France, United States and Britain has so far come a cropper in the Middle East. Their activities in northern Iraq didn't profit them due to Barzani's incompetence. Germany's building a new common Middle East policy with Turkey would be a new and beneficial development both for themselves and countries such as Syria, Iraq and Iran.

The Two Meetings
Another important development in Turkish-German relations is that Germany, France, Russia and Turkey will hold a joint summit against Trump on 7th of September. The main aim of this summit is to hamper or at least limit the embargo on Iran. The President's visit to Germany in September 27-28 and the summit will create two senior meetings within a month. These negotiations will be profitable for both two countries.
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