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Syrian Safe Zone on Foreign Media

How did the foreign media reflect on the current negotiations between Turkey and U.S. about the safe zone in Syria?

16 Ağustos 2019 Cuma 10:46
Syrian Safe Zone on Foreign Media

1)Al-Monitor: The Donald Trump administration has sent a military delegation to coordinate with Turkey on establishing a safe zone in Syria, even as the Pentagon faced outstanding differences about the size and extent of the area to separate Ankara and US-backed Kurdish forces.

The composition of the group was not clear, though the Turkish Ministry of Defense said in a statement that a delegation of six Americans arrived in southeastern Turkey today for talks to forge the zone.


2) The Guardian: The announcement came as Ankara was finalising a troop buildup along its southern border, which it shares with Syrian Kurds. On Sunday, the Turkish president, 

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, had threatened to invade within the next fortnight, creating a conundrum for Washington, which views both the Turks and the Kurds as allies and has increasingly struggled to keep them from conflict.

Though light on detail, the agreement suggests that a safe zone inside the Kurdish north-east would be jointly run by Turkish and US forces. No specifics were offered on the route that such a corridor might take or how deep it would extend into Syria. The lack of clarity led some observers to claim the US was buying time and was not committed to a plan that could seriously test its already faltering ties with the region’s Kurds.

“It’s basically an agreement to continue talking,” said a former US official. “That’s a net good. But with Trump having no commitment to Syria, and our forces now cut to the bone, there is little we can really do to support a safe zone. So it’s a lot of wishful thinking.”


3) Washington Institute: Any safe-zone operation in Syria that ignores the lessons of the past and omits these key elements would risk a greater chance of failure, increased suffering for civilians, and potential mission creep that could lead to even more widespread conflict.

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