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TAVAK: Turkish European Foundation for Education and Scientific Research

TAVAK is a Turkish foundation which is founded with the aims of strengthening economic, social and cultural relations along with guiding the academic exchange between Turkey and Europe.

03 Temmuz 2018 Salı 11:48
TAVAK: Turkish European Foundation for Education and Scientific Research



AVAK is a Turkish foundation which is founded with the aims of strengthening economic, social and cultural relations along with guiding the academic exchange between Turkey and Europe. 28 prestigious Turkish and German all of whom are experts in their fields and have contributed greatly to the relations between Turkey and Europe take place among its founders. Founded officially on December 25, 2008, the foundation has a board of trustees. Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen, has been the Chairman of the Board since the foundation of the TAVAK, Turkish-European Foundation for Education and Scientific Studies.

TAVAK, carried out its work in the city center of Essen, Germany under the name of Deutsch-Türkische Stiftung für Bildung und Wissenschaftliche Forschung – TAVAK Koordinierungsbüro Deutschsprachige Hochschule in der Türkei` until 2010. As of August 2010, İstanbul is the center of the foundation and Contact Office continues to operate in İstanbul. 

Our Mission

TAVAK, while TAVAK aims to establish a European University that will pursue an international level of education, scientific research and development activities; it also endeavors to establish education institutes at all levels such as high technology institutions, high schools or schools based on an equivalent instruction for providing high-level, effective and efficient education-instruction and training services.

TAVAK Foundation intends to contribute to regional and national development by carrying out socio-economic and scientific projects. By sharing the results of the academic researches especially concerning the phenomenon of migration and Turkish people living in foreign countries with the public and related institutes, TAVAK creates an academic and intellectual infrastructure for policy making in these topics. In addition, it helps to form a friendship-cooperation bridge between Turkish society and other societies & it establishes centers of youth, health and therapy along with the student settlements to provide an effective exchange of knowledge and experience for those in need of social protection such as the youth, the aged and the handicapped.

TAVAK’s main aim is to establish a Turkish- German University along with providing internationally effective and eligible education of high quality and to construct a science center associated with Europe by establishing high schools, technical departments and research institutes. Apart from building the links between Turkish and German committees, TAVAK sees itself as an active foundation in the fields of coordination and organization for the accomplishment of the project.

Bosphorus Awards

With the collaboration of Maltepe Municipality and, successful Turks in Germany, as well as successful foreigners in Turkey are honored at the Bosphorus Awards. Every third year, this event is carried out to strengthen the cultural bridge between Turkey and the EU.

Our Online Newspaper:

Having started out its publication season with “Turkey’s brand diary” motto, aims at helping our country’s brand, name, product, foundation and achievements to reach the recognition they deserve. Consisting of current news and reviews, Turkey's brand newspaper include English content besides Turkish and Deutsch. Therefore, by increasing the number of readers, all content will reach hundreds of people from different countries.


2011-2018 TAVAK Research List

1.      Turkey’s Opinion on EU 2011, June 2011

2.      Turkey’s Opinion on EU 2012, July 2012

3.      A Preliminary Research of Football Economy in Turkey, June 2012

4.      Turks in Germany: 50th Anniversary of the Migration, September 2011 (It is published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey.)

5.      A Preliminary Research of The Culture and Creative Sector in Turkey, January 2013

6.      The Rights of Turks Living Abroad to Elect and Be Elected, January 2013

7.      Economic Position of Turkish Entrepreneurs in the EU Countries, June 2012/2016

8.      Turkey’s Opinion on EU, 2013/2014/2015/2016

9.      Euro-Turkish Food Market, March 2015

10.  The Place of European Turks in Turkish Tourism Sector 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017

11.  Turkish Phenomenon in the World, August 2015

12.  The (Creative) Culture in Turkey, May 2017

13.  Returnees from Germany to Turkey, October 2015

14.  The Situation of Muslims in Münster Region, Germany in 2030, 2015

15.  Possibilities of Coexistence and Living in Peace of Christians and Muslims in the European Union (Ruhr Region as the Sample Area)

16.  The Situation of Turks in Germany in 2030, 2016

17.  The Turks Who Have Returned, 2016

18.  Islam in Germany in 2030, 2016

19.  Turkish Food Ingredients Sector in Europe, 2016

20.  The Football Economy in Turkey, 2018

21.  The Economy of Gastronomy in Turkey, 2018

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